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Life in Balance

Life in the twenty-first century challenges us to successfully balance our families, relationships, careers, personal interests, and goals. Just keeping up with it all can stress us emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in mental health, substance use, and promoting healthy lifestyles. I provide my clients with the tools and support they need to make positive changes and create a life in balance. I incorporate a variety of approaches in my practice, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational enhancement, as well as holistic techniques such as relaxation, meditation, and visualization. My goal is to support clients in examining their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs, and improve their ability to overcome the challenges they may be experiencing. 

If you feel you need support in coping with a difficult life or work situation, creating new pathways for success, or simply wish to better manage your current circumstances, please contact me for an individual or couples consultation today.

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