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Weight management counseling

Two out of three individuals in the United States today is considered either overweight or obese. Weight management is not simply about increasing activity and decreasing caloric intake -- it is about changing how you live each day and alter the way you navigate the stresses and demands of your life. Your life experiences and relationships with important people in your life as well as your relationship with food and physical activity have occurred over a period of years. Working collaboratively, we will examine these relationships, how they impact your feelings of self-esteem and will work together to empower you to make choices that reflect your positive feelings for yourself and for those you love. I will collaborate with your medical providers, nutritionists or dieticians and personal fitness instructors as you wish. I can also make referrals to health professionals, nutritionists, and personal trainers who can support you. This journey can not only change your life -- it may help you prolong or even save your life.

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