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Tobacco dependence treatment and relapse prevention
About one in every five individuals uses tobacco in the United States. If you have a mental health or substance use issues or HIV/AIDs, you are more likely to use tobacco. As a former twenty-year tobacco user, I know how difficult it can be to give up a relationship with cigarettes. They, unlike many other drugs of abuse, are far more intertwined with your daily activities and are far more lethal than all of the other drugs of abuse combined. I am an experienced tobacco cessation specialist who has provided training to hundreds of mental health workers on tobacco cessation for people with mental health and substance use disorders. We will use evidence-based practices and I can provide information and expertise on the forms of nicotine replacement therapies and oral medications that can help you with some of the physiological aspects of nicotine withdrawal. Whether you wish to quit cold turkey or with assistance, I can help you to succeed and will help you process the loss of this relationship as you embark on a healthier relationship to yourself.
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