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Supportive counseling for managing chronic health issues

Many people are living with chronic health conditions and many have only recently discovered that they have a chronic or acute disease that requires ongoing treatment such as different forms of cancer, HIV/AIDS, or coronary or respiratory disease. Adjusting to the new life circumstances can catapult you into an unfamiliar world, full of medical terminology and hard-to-navigate medical systems. You also may experience the loss of independence, or a change in status in your family or at your job. You may also feel guilty that you are askiing the people around you to support you, regardless of their willingness and dedication to you. If you are a caregiver, it is important to know that you, too, are undergoing increased stress and anxiety. You are not alone in this situation. Supportive therapy can help you to adjust. It can help you create new routines that can increase adherence to treatment as well as improve the quality of your life in ways that you feel are most important. I will work with your team of medical professionals and can also provide referrals to holistic practitioners who can provide adjunctive treatments to your traditional medical treatment such as massage therapy and nutrition education and support.
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