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Alcohol and other drug use treatment and relapse prevention

I am a Certified Alcohol and Substance Use Counselor, so in addition to earning a doctoral degree in psychology, I have focused much attention to issues related to alcohol and drug use.  Today, with so many drugs: pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, recreational, licit, illicit, herbal supplements, vitamins and "power" drinks, the drug landscape has indeed become more complex. When asked what medications they are taking, many people forget to include over-the-counter medications or vitamins and nutritional supplements, forget to consider caffeine and other substances they use on a daily basis. In short, we are a very drug-heavy society. I will work with you without judging you to help you determine if your substance use is negatively affecting your relationships, your work life or school. I am experienced in using evidence-based practices such as motivational enhancement therapy and harm reduction and will collaborate with you to identify and work towards the goals that work for you in your life. We will examine the role that substances play in your life and how you can change those relationships to healthier ones. Research indicates that it is most effective to recover from multiple substances at the same time.If this isn't your choice, you may be concerned that eliminating or reducing one substance may increase your craving or use of another.  When you are ready, or if you are already in recovery from substance(s), I can provide relapse prevention treatment as well to help you maintain your recovery. I will work with medical providers and substance use programs as well as can provide referrals to detox programs, group therapy, and other medical providers as needed.

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